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Re: Friends

Post  QueenSix on Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:02 pm

Corellderaan wrote:It's funny looking back and seeing people you now recognise. I'll always remember Jim Rash (The Dean from Community) freaking out on the plane in the finale because of the 'missing phalange'.

When I was coming home from Boston last month, there was a woman on the plane who was freaking out about a noise when we were taxiing on the runway before take off. I never so much in my life wanted to shriek "Check the phalange!!!" I was giggling madly to myself because that episode was all I could think about but didn't want to tempt fate because for all I knew we were missing something from the plane and that would have been the end of me!


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Re: Friends

Post  mokey75 on Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:41 pm

When I worked at the Twain House, Ron Leibman (aka Rachel's dad) showed up one day for a tour and he was walking around the outside when I got back from lunch. I totally saw him and shrieked at my friend, "it's Dr. Green!" like a total weirdo. Thank god he didn't hear me.

(Little did I know, the real missed opportunity was that he was with his wife, Jessica Walter. I was thisfar from Lucille Bluth! Well, 2 years before she was Lucille. But still!)

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