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Post  MtOlivePickles on Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:35 am

A social network for entertainment, where you check in to movies/music/TV shows/other things, and are rewarded WITH STICKERS and sometimes special deals like coupons! Anyone else hooked on it? Think that the 20 stickers per month limit is too low?


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Re: GetGlue

Post  choubetcha on Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:50 pm

Wait, does GetGlue have its own dedicated site or can you only use it by checking in through other social media? I ask because (this is a rant for the twitter thread, really) I follow someone on twitter who getglues like a mofo, and it drives me craaaazy. She checks in 12 times a day, minimum, and on really uninteresting things. There was a period where a different twitter friend and I would add get glue to every sentence we would write in emails because we were drowning in her tweets. And the stuff she checks in for! Like I am glad you watch Parks and Rec and Community, since they are awesome and need the support, but maybe keep that you watched Whitney to yourself. /judgment

Anyway, even if you have to check in with social media, no offense meant because I'm sure you and other snarkers do your check-ins in lovely, reasonable ways and watch interesting things that I would be into hearing about. This girl also checks in with foursquare and all the time so her feed is just a scrolling monstrosity of every thing she does in life so I'm a little sensitive about it maybe. Also, for some reason I think I would find it less annoying if she did it on Facebook, where there is so much other stuff to sift through. My noise to content ratio on twitter is pretty good, so it really sticks out when I have ten tweets in a row as she flips channels. But if GetGlue is its own thing, not dependent on Facebook or twitter, it actually sounds pretty cool! I would be interested for sure.


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