Game of Thrones

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Re: Game of Thrones

Post  naughty zoot on Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:13 am

Corvus, there are days the lack of a "like" feature here vexes me. Today is one such day.
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Re: Game of Thrones

Post  ulkis on Thu Jun 23, 2016 7:59 pm

RiverThames wrote:
ulkis wrote:I fooled myself into thinking they would let Rickon live. Might have been a mistake to take a break from the show and then watch it again lol.

I don't see Sansa pregnant, just because what would be the point? But this is Game of Thrones so you never know.

Passage of time is always a bit wonky on this show, but-- wouldn't she already know one way or another by now?  It seems like months have passed since she escaped.

I was going to mention that too, but like you said, it's wonky, so I decided to leave that out. But yeah, that's another reason I don't think Sansa will be pregnant.


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Re: Game of Thrones

Post  dionneshea on Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:04 pm

I'm gutted at losing Margaery. God, I loved her and the way she would take Cersei down. I see a lot of people rallying behind Cersei (I mean fans, not in the actual show), but nothing she's done makes me like her. I'm actively hoping either Jaime or Dany kills her good early in next season.

Poor Tommen. You were not built to rule.

I think the same might be said for Jon Snow. I LOVE Jon Snow, but I'm not sure he's supposed to be a leader. Sansa saved his ass on the battlefield, and Lyanna Mormont, First Lady of Fierceness, was the one who rallied the North to his side. He's not been terribly effective in either of those things.

(Also, Lyanna Mormont is all things fantastic. I want a show just about her, kicking asses and taking names.)

I'm glad Dany's finally on her way to Westeros with the backing of the Greyjoys, the Martells and the Tyrells. This will make things interesting. It finally feels like real forward momentum in her story.

This show has me excited about it again. Probably because they finally have an aim and an end in sight.

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Re: Game of Thrones

Post  Carrie Ann on Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:20 pm

I think the conflict they're creating between Sansa and Jon feels contrived, and that's my only real concern about that storyline. If they're trying to set it up where she will resent Jon for accepting the King of the North title, etc., then I just don't buy that. I agree, and so did Jon, that Sansa should really be in charge up there. But she's never seemed like she wanted power, exactly. She just wanted to not be a victim anymore. I think she'd be perfectly content to have Jon nominally in charge, as long as she felt safe, and wasn't tossed to the side or used as a pawn again. My preference would be that Jon return to the Wall to fight that battle up there (with a force from the North), and Sansa would rule Winterfell at that time (and in the event of his death), and that Littlefinger would fall in a river and drown.

Or maybe I'm just getting too worried in advance because I care a lot about Jon and Sansa, and eventually the remaining Stark family members, being together and bonded. Now that we finally have two reunited, I would be really sad to see them at odds or separated again.

(Also, Lyanna Mormont 2016 #ImWithHer)

As far as the King's Landing story, I found it very compelling and affecting, but also felt a little dissatisfied. I too am somewhat sad about Margaery, especially at the potential lost. It seemed like she had some long-game vision for playing both sides of the Faith/Family angles, but...I guess not. Also, the Wildfire didn't seem to work exactly as it's been explained previously. It should have spread, right? Like...wildfire? But instead it was just sort of a contained blast. And I'm not totally convinced Tommen would jump out that window, but I can accept that he was just really overwhelmed.

As for Cersei, she's one of the only (mainly) villainous characters the show has produced whom I have enjoyed watching and even sympathized with to a certain extent. So, unlike Joffrey, Ramsey, even Littlefinger, I love her as a character, and do often root for her in the moment depending on who is in her crosshairs (so, not against Sansa, but sometimes against Margaery, tbh, though I would never have wanted her to actually kill her). But ultimately, I still root for her demise. On the balance, I was very happy about the Wildfire bomb because I would sacrifice Loras and Margaery in exchange for the deaths of all those Faith Militant assholes. But now that she's basically accomplished that, and all her children are dead, I'm rooting against her from this point on. I need Jaime to come to reality about her, and about how he's pledged his life and honor to something that is not good or true to him anymore. So that's my hope for him for next season.

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Re: Game of Thrones

Post  Corvus on Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:12 pm

I am impressed with how the show was able to balance the grim, dire and bone-chilling (Big Church Go Boom, Loras, Tommen, Shame Septa, Arya) with the fun (Oleanna, of course, and the haute monde of the North get dragged around by Lyanna Mormont) with causing severe tonal whiplash.

Noteworthy: Cersei as a Romulan Imperatrix.

But I have questions. (Aside from Varys having a teleporter - apparently the world is the size of New England.) Thrilling though it was to see Daenarys' Fleet of Badass Women (and Grey Worm, Varys, and Tyrion), who are they going to fight when they arrive? Cersei just blew up the Church Militant, Jamie got back but he didn't seem to have brought too much of the army with him, and whoever is left in King's Landing old enough bear arms can't be all that keen - they couldn't surrender fast enough. The Tyrell army just left and can't have gotten very far down the road, they could beat the fleet by just turning around. Maybe Littlefinger and his borrowed knights could show up to maintain the status quo? Just saying, that conquest might actually be anticlimactic.

My vote for who shows up to turn the tables: The Bankers of Braavos, armed to the teeth with loan documents. "Somebody owes us a lot of money. Who is it going to be?"

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Re: Game of Thrones

Post  blixie on Tue Jun 28, 2016 12:16 pm

I thought it was a great episode, but yeah the Cersei stuff is just always gonna grate my cheese. It was good to see her torture Septa Unella who is a terrible person, and Stooge the High Septon, but she's a dumb lunatic, she doesn't even deserve the sliver of vindication she has now by sitting the throne, too bad Dany's dragon's are coming and their fire is not finite, bish.

Or maybe I'm just getting too worried in advance because I care a lot about Jon and Sansa, and eventually the remaining Stark family members, being together and bonded. Now that we finally have two reunited, I would be really sad to see them at odds or separated again.

I don't think that's where they are going with John being King of the North, while she is resentful, I think that's why we saw her clearly reject his insistence she is the rightful heir to Winterfell (in Bran's absence, with Rickon and Robb dead). I think she may yet become Lady of Winterfell/Queen in the North though since I think John will be occupied elseplace once Dany shows up and he fills her in on ice zombies winter forever.

I LOVE Jon Snow, but I'm not sure he's supposed to be a leader.

Eh, Jon was betrayed because he was perceived as a poor ruler, Dany was betrayed because she was perceived as a poor ruler. They both have issues, Dany is great at conquering, but bad at ruling, John is wiser politically, but equally ineffective. But yeah I was annoyed that D&D chose to make John look stupid (reacting emotional to Ramsay when Sansa warned him not to) and weak (allowing Lyanna to rouse the bannermen) for the last two episodes. Meh.

I am bummed about Margery,but I do think she had a long game she just had to get Loras safely out of the Faith's dungeons first. I hope Jamie's face at the end means he's over Cersei's bs, because she for sure looked like now that she has what she always wanted, she gives zero fucks about him anymore.

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Re: Game of Thrones

Post  PirateCatarina on Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:15 pm

My brother-in-law who is gay is upset about what they did with Loras. I quote: "They made Loras declare his love for Renley a crime, he didn't fight back, he just gave up, and then they mutilated him after he swore to join their madness. I really didn't want to see any of that. I'm disappointed by the writers and even insulted as a gay man. The religious sociopaths defeated him."

I'm not even sure how to respond to him, because I totally see where he's coming from.


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Re: Game of Thrones

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