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Post  katha on Thu Oct 25, 2012 6:49 am

Started the topic here, since I noticed that I mostly wanted to talk about her songs and that might have been a bit OT in her personal thread?

Anyway, I think at least parts of her new album are really a step forward for her as a songwriter. She isn't doing that "other women are evil and hoors!" thing anymore. She's not pretending (badly) to be a country singer anymore. "All Too Well" is perhaps the best song she's ever written. "I Knew You Were Trouble", "Holy Ground" and that duet she does with the Snow Patrol guy are pretty awesome as well, in that she's IMO doing things in her songwriting she hasn't done before and pulling it off successfully. I also think it's no coincidence that three of those four songs were co-written by other people (Liz Rose, Max Martin and Snow Patrol guy respectively).That's no knock on her, it's admirable that when you see you have limitations in your craft you go for outside influences and collaborations to help you overcome those.

"State of Grace", "Treacherous", "Starlight" and "The Lucky One" are interesting because she tries new things here as well, but the results IMO aren't quite as brilliant. Though still enjoyable to listen to. There's also a bit more generic fluff on this album than on her other ones? I mean, on the other albums there was stuff that was downright offensive which doesn't happen here, but also perhaps not as much filler? Maybe she was so focused on all the new things she wanted to incorporate that having consistent quality throughout the album fell by the wayside...


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The Works of Taylor Swift Empty Re: The Works of Taylor Swift

Post  Arabella on Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:13 pm

I don't think Taylor's abandoned country completely (she has at least 4 songs that will work on country between the regular/deluxe editions) but her courting of the pop audience this time around is more aggressive than ever. It should be interesting to see her reception at the CMAs this week. I don't think she'll get booed or anything but she probably won't be the darling of the room as she has been in past years.

"22" sounds like "Raise Your Glass" at the beginning.

I like the idea of "Starlight", though I kind of wish it were one of the album's stronger efforts, just so there could be a dance-pop ode to Ethel and Bobby Kennedy getting massive radio airplay in 2013.


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